Italian Fusing Press at the Top

Total solution provider, quality made in Italy

GI.EMME.PI of Provasoli presents machinery designed and handcrafted and exclusively in Italy and sold all over the world.

The customer is accompanied step by step in the creation of a high quality technology and technology based on each individual need.

The Provasoli proposal also offers immediate and efficient after-sales assistance and an excellent spare parts service.


News of the Year

New 2019 range of fusing press by GI.EMME.PI. SNC for clothing / shirts / outerwear / automotive



For 2019 the GI.EMME.PI. SNC has completed the new range of fusing press for clothing / shirts / outerwear / automotive.

The line presents nes designs; the machines are always more reliable, with fusing press top qualityenergy saving and Industry 4.0 techology


GI.EMME.PI. SNC for fusing press: a step forward for more than fifty years.




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