From an employee in Africa, to business man in Gallarate




The first ironing press produced by Gi.Emme.Pi. you can still admire it today: it would be enough to change the tape to put it back in motion. And it is not an antique: Mr. Giuseppe, who in this company next to celebrate his 50th birthday (he was born in 1968) put his soul in it, he could be offended. In his eyes, on the other hand, there is all the friendliness of the entrepreneur used to running around the world. And to catch the news. This explains the ironing presses for the textile sector (embroidery and lace, macramé beating, curtains), those for the thermoadhesive of collars and cuffs of shirts, clothing and coats, trouser belts. And the coupling presses for the automotive trend-setting: Maserati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi. For this sector the Provasoli have been working for seven years, have made great strides in technological adaptation and proudly talk about their energy-saving machines. But what is heat transfer? Simply, fabric and adhesive are heated and then pressed together. And they don't come off anymore.

There has never been a crisis in this company in Gallarate, because "crises are always needed". They help to improve aim and not to yield on production: in 2016, by Gi.Emme.Pi in via Cappuccini 40 / D in Gallarate, seventy machines have reached the world. The only competing company is Italian, but the brothers Massimiliano (52 years), Fabio (44) and Sabrina (48) have no doubts: "We have a product that splits, for a selected market".

That first press preserved as an example of dedication and passion, invites you to press the start button. Because despite the touch screens of Industry 4.0, automation and remote managemeWonder gives way to organization: customer care, and satisfaction, are out of the question. Even those who ask for digital products: "Our continuous adhesive-bonding presses are automatically set: the choice is for those who buy, even if innovating is now a must," says Massimiliano. To the point that for the Industry 4.0 the brothers are already ready, «but the management programs of many companies that shouldn't dialogue with the machines. The entrance doors are closed and a password is not enough to enter it: sometimes it is essential to buy new licenses ".

Clever and observant, but with a gap to fill: "We don't know how to tell each other - they say - and that's why we don't give up on the communication front".. Site, Facebook, Instagram work thanks to Federico and Marco, while in the workshop - engaged in cutting and welding of metal sheets - there is Federico of 38 years. But the brothers do not give up even on the supply of tools and pneumatic parts: «Many pieces arrive directly from local suppliers: the cylinders, for example, from Mozzate. And they are indestructible ». No crisis, therefore, and no cartel - in all these years - with the words "closed for holidays".Detaching is a luxury, especially when working abroad: «Max Marasometimes phoned me also on August 16», Sabrina interposes. Woe to not give an answer. Also to Valentino, another great Italian fashion brand.

Company founded almost by chance by Giuseppe, who after an experience in Africa as manager of the electricity sector for a Belgian company began repairing and reselling presses for a Swiss company, «la Gi.Emme.Pi. sells everywhere: there is no country where there is no thermo-adhesive press. In May, for example, we sent two to Bangladesh, "underlines Fabio. Exports drive business: in 1981 the Gallarate company started working with Russia (50 machines in ten years), in 1983 it participated in a mission in Atlanta and kept an eye on Frankfurt, the city where the the only real fair dedicated to the sector, the Texprocess.

The secret? "We do not make contracts with a penalty. When we accept a job we ask the customer 30% down payment and delivery times are calculated from the date we receive it, "Sabrina says pragmatically.

The problems, if we want to talk about them, are those that all businesses experience. National but also local. Sabrina talks about it: "Taxes are at 68.8% and we pay 2,000 euros a year for Tari for two bags of rubbish a week: absurd, isn't it?"









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