Model PR5/N


 Model PR5/N is our Flagship model for shirting production; it is equipped with the very latest technological innovations including a ST5/N Automatic Unloader System. Offering the ultimate manufacturing technology, reliability and durability.

Model PR5/N is easy to operate and best employed for intensive production of shirt’s collars and cuffs. 

  • Highest performance press for high fusing quality.
  • New instant-reaction heating system with low power consumption regulated by thermoregolating microprocessor.
  • Closed-Circuit Cooling System.
  • Belt’s cleaning system by a Teflon blade and flannel coated aluminium bar.
  • High quality materials, industrial grade construction for low maintenance & high reliability.


Key Advantages

  • Machine operated from a seated position.
  • Standard ST5/N Automatic Unloader System.
  • Standard Laminated Belts.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • High performance press.
  • Entirely engineered and manufactured in Italy.


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