GI.EMME.PI. by Provasoli M.F.S. Snc

Mini fusing press PR45/N


The PR45/N fusing press is the compact model made for shops and small laboratories for the clothing and shirt adhesion in small series and / or tailored. It’s also available with roll holders and adjustable guides, winding for continuous belts in trousers.

Technical features:

  • Instant reaction heating system with low absorption, 500 mm long
  • Temperature regulation with microprocessor thermoregulator
  • Long-lasting antistatic belts that are free from adjustments with a useful width of 450 mm
  • Silicon pressure roller system by manual device
  • Scraper blades on the belts

Control panel regulates the functions of:

  • Upper and lower temperature control
  • Conveyor speed with display in meters / minute and seconds
  • Electronic device for automatic shutdown of the machine at the end of processing



  • It does not require compressed air and its operation is only electric
  • 230V / 1 + T power supply
  • Positioned on a trolley with steering wheels and lockable, transportable at any time and in any place
  • Low energy consumption


Made 100% in Italy